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Clok sync для андроид

Mar 23, 2012 Using a tool to compare the internal clock of my Android device to There are apps, that can sync your clock with GPS satellites or NTP servers. I know about Android ICS that it uses a custom service called: To get a accurate GPS-signal the receiver should have a exact clock. Jan 13, 2017 I've experienced this issue several times, personally, and it always makes me wish Android's clock would simply sync with official time-keeping.

Dec 9, 2013 ClockSync synchronizes device system clock with atomic time from That will allow the internally connected android devices to sync with NTP. Operator not supporting time synchronization via NITZ? Device clock lags or runs forward? There is a solution for this issue! Welcome Android application which. NTPSync is no longer in active development. If you like to take over the maintaining, go to and implement fixes.

Sync clok андроид для

Clok sync для андроид

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