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I started and began work in April 2010 on a draft update of all levels of solo original Far Cry. This mod is called FarCry 2010 Here is the description of this project. May 23, 2016 Project Far Cry is a great singleplayer mod for everyone out there that is looking for some new awesome Far Cry action-packed fun! This mod. Project Far Cry was started as complete remake of the original Far Cry game. The mod's best feature is not only a remake, but total reconstruction of all the levels.

1 авг 2010 Project Far Cry - это проект по созданию римейка игры Far Cry 2004 Просто half-life имеет больше поклонников, а мод существует. 22 мар 2016 Project Far Cry - это отменённый римейк игры Far Cry 2004 года, на Установите мод, распаковав папку ProjectFarCry внутри архива.

Мод cry far проэкт

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